Your Quick Guide to Mixing and Matching Swimsuits

5th July 2018 • 0 Comments

How hard is it to coordinate patterns, colors, and fabrics when it comes to swimsuits? We know that sometimes you’re at a loss for ideas to find the right cut with the right print or the right style with the right fabric. Mixing and matching your swimsuits can be more fun than daunting, and probably one of the best ways to raise your confidence, poolside or beachside.


The beauty of choosing pieces today is that you can buy designer swimwear online and tap into a feature that allows you to view which prints, colors, and styles go together.


Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts when mixing and matching swimsuits.

The Do’s

There’s an easy-breezy way for you to pull off mixed-and-matched bikinis. Nobody will ever know that they’re different brands or from varying sets of swimsuits. There are no exact rules to this, but there are several foolproof ways.
Go for pieces with a dose of color, a dash of print, and at least an ounce of matching. Follow this main rule, and you will radiate with a put-together vibe. Let’s start with a dose of color.
The must-have colors for 2018 lean toward soft hues like lavender and bright shades like yellow. Neutrals remain popular, but if you want to follow the trend, that’s up to you. You can try by mixing some neutrals with bold colors.
When it comes to a dash of print, lavender and other pastel colors can blend together. If you use florals, try to base your choice on the color of the; your top and bottom can come out looking perfect for each other with this neat trick. For stripes and plaids, it’s safe to blend them with subtle colors, like mint green.

The Don’ts

Print on print is not a bad way to wear your swimsuits, but pull back a little when it comes to certain prints. Avoid extreme contrasts, and instead, mix a loud print with a subdued one. For example, a tropical forest printed top with stripes or large prints with micro prints.
Also, try not to stray far from the style of your swimwear when mixing and matching. For example, a ruffled top might not complement a sporty bottom.
Be wary of plaids, as well. Don’t get all too excited to mix them with a color that overpowers the pattern.
There are no hard rules for pairing your bikinis; these are merely suggestions.
The bottom line, though, is to pick the cuts, prints, and colors that you’ll adore. When you love what you’re wearing, you’ll walk with such confidence and be able to enjoy your beachside or poolside vacation.


Mix-and-Match the Right Way

Mix and MatchMixing and matching bikini pieces should be fun, which is how we do it here at Revel Rey.
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