About Rey



REVEL REY SWIM is a funky, bold, and feminine swimwear company created by owner / designer Audrey “Rey” Swanson. The brand combines fashion and art, flaunting unique, custom, and hand painted prints. Each line is made up of multiple color collections, 90% reversible, and can be mixed and matched.

Having the opportunity to travel to tropical destinations all over the world; bikinis and the swim industry soon became Audrey's passion. Combining her design/art background with her love of travel; she decided to start utilizing her knowledge to create and turn custom prints into clothing. Since the swim world has endless possibilities to be creative with wild and vibrant prints, Revel Rey was born!

Each print is hand painted and/or graphically made by Audrey, using multiple types of mixed media. She focuses on creating unique bikini patterns, while keeping each fit flattering and sexy. At Revel Rey our love for culture, free spirit, and our eye for wild and unique interiors enables us to collect inspirations from all aspects of life. Audrey pulls ideas from her surroundings; whether they are simple aspects of scenery and scents, or more in depth inspiration coming from patterns seen nature and every day objects.

Her free spirit and desire to bring art to life motivates her to express herself and tell a story through her brand. She designs the line not only to look beautiful on each individual woman but also the entire collection to be an art piece itself. The Revel Rey babe is confident and fashion forward, embracing life and craving fun.